Poetic Love





Albert K Carrozza



















































Table of Contents


          Poems                                                                 Pages


  1.   Secret of Life                                                           5-31

  2.   Empty Glass                                                          33-34

  3.   Ego Strikes Back                                                   35-36

  4.   23                                                                          37-38

  5.   The Silence                                                            39-40

  6.   Through Black Men’s Eyes                                   41-42

  7.   The New Education                                               43-44

  8.   His Own                                                                  45

  9.   Brief Update                                                            46

10.  Void-less Void                                                          47

11.   Mini-Autobiography                                                48 

12.   A New Word                                                          49-50

13.   Multi-Mosaic                                                           51

14.   Mystery Woman                                                    52-53

15.   Windows                                                               54-55

16.   Patient Wraith                                                         56

17.   Forever, One Day at a Time                                57-58

18.   University Dreams                                                  59           

19.   Song of the Seagull                                                 60

20.   Sculpting Images                                                    61

21.   Destiny                                                                 62-64













































Secret of Life


Welcome to America, “home of the free,” they say,

Place where every thought, shaped a certain way,


If originality were to burst upon the scene,

Surely it’d be modified, usurped by “the machine,”


Offered for uniqueness: glory, fortune, fame,

Corporations buy your thoughts, deemed a fair exchange,


Individual taken care of, others wander in vain,

Wondering why no answers, ever solve their pain,


Secret has been let out, rich keep getting richer,

Educated middle class, unravel larger picture,


Cannot seem to fathom, current state of affairs,

Ignorant, poor class, no longer cares,


Damaging neighborhoods, filling streets with litter,

Welfare individual expresses only bitter,


Chain of poverty, passed on year to year,

Don’t improve the situation, just pray to God in fear,


“Meek shall inherit the Earth,” this truth has been disdained,

After Armageddon, only purest hearts remained,


Let us speak of present, that which we may change,

Not about destroying, just need to rearrange,


Recognize the power, those who exercise its reign,

Do they represent?  Or entrap you in a chain?


Service for the self, charity to all,

Masters are enslaved themselves, predestined to fall,


System dictates actions, cultural myths sway perception,

Puppet politicians say what will receive the best reception,



Pulling strings, lobbyists, businesses to gain,

Everyone in circle drinks celebratory champagne,


Transcending the system, fortunate handful,

Sitting across chessboards, laughing as they duel,


Want to start a war?  Who best to manipulate?

Million people died today, sorry, too late.


How high power goes, we shall indeed explore,

First necessary question: where is our floor?


Great scale of existence, humans at the highest,

As a partial mortal myself, claims might be I’m biased,


However, presently, take this truth on assumption,

As you do ideal luxuries, and its mindless consumption,


Amidst the hierarchy, majority are swayed,

Adopting unnatural behaviors, blindly enslaved,


Red, white, and blue... colors that don’t run,

Enemy not found, because we’re the only one,


Terrorists, terrorists, they destroyed our towers,

Didn’t do it free from help, those who hold our powers,


Every story taken in, written from the Press,

Accidents, world tragedies, need to be addressed,


In-between the lines, news delivered daily,

Prime source of information—caused it, deliberately


Jonestown reported, thousands had died,

An agency responsible, not just a Kool-Aid suicide,


Heaven’s Gate, remember, those who caught a comet?

This had intelligence experiment written all upon it.



Various stories, many fates, cover-ups of trauma,

Making sure the Times will sell, made for TV drama,


Throughout endless pages, advertisements deceive,

Buy their products weekly, surely you’ll achieve,


Those who delve in darkness, watch a movie about death,

Learn the ways of psychopaths, losing your last breath,


Endless entertainment, perverse the silver-screen,

Violence, sex, and madness-- PG 13,


Where’s the line drawn, reality TV?

Soon you’ll be watching your own slavery,


All the random chaos, developed as a scheme,

Leading each and all of us to that “American Dream,”


White picket-fence, garages, children: 2.3,

Giving everything one has to fulfill this fantasy,


Hours upon hours, spent to please a boss,

Cashing in your pennies, rewarded working horse,


Price for amenities, time to deal with bills,

Phone, electric, DTV; enough pay for pills?


Break out credit cards, plastic cocaine,

Owing life away, as debt remains,


Constant, intense cycle, working soccer mom,

SUV with Plasma TV, cartoons keep kids dumb,


What to do, so many thoughts, finally weekends come?

Gather with acquaintances, one true friend: bottle of Rum,


Drink away the chaos, laughing as if its fun,

Glasses: three, can’t quite see, now the night’s begun,



Men are looking sexy, ladies appearing fine,

Horny as the devil, it’s time to get mine,


Dance with mindless passion, limits come undone,

Not sure if you’ve been raped, but you still have your Rum,


Strangers were your best friends, handshake turned to hug,

None around, morning-time, you slept on the rug,


Hangover lasts forever, yet there’s still time to play,

Superfluous, superficial life, it’s only Saturday,


Wheel continues spinning, you, the guinea pig,

No time to rest, you’ve got your grave to dig,


Born into this matrix, smacked hard into the world,

G.I. JOE for boys, Barbie Doll for girl,


Early life perceptions, shaped into a mold,

Females meant to cry, boys do what their told,


Parents domineering, authority foretold,

School, work, family, taxes; pension when you’re old,


However things have changed: bonds, CD’s, 401K’s,

The message is the same, you can’t relax today,


Competition biting, greener grass surpass the weeds,

Sow your oats today, chance to perform your later deeds,


Parents know the real-world, survived during the war,

Start to network early and get your foot into the door,


Smile as they frown on you, never let them see you sweat,

If you fall behind work harder, it’s better than regret,


Watch the homeless people, learn from these bums,

They have no Mercedes or Rolexes, not even a home,


They gave up long ago, begging in the street,

Get a job, vagabond, instead of asking for money to eat,


No resume, no clean clothes, recommendations for high pursuits,

Find a job cleaning urinals, local chain-- fast food,


That’s what millionaires, had they lost their money would do,

That’s why he’s gained the right to curse and spit all over you,


Or would he run to Daddy, palms open as he cries?

Can I borrow cash to resurrect my enterprise?


Lighting fifty-dollar cigars with hundred-dollar bills,

Impoverished Nicaraguan workers dying in the fields,


Multinational companies, usurping all their crops,

Billion-dollar profits, slave-wage pay and Sweatshops,


Economic recession, so who does that affect?

Fortune 500 CEO’s, or middle-chain insects?


Climb that corporate ladder, vacations are the least,

Tonight may be Filet Mignon, tomorrow another feast,


The more money one starts with, the more one gets for free,

The simpler it is to earn, for them the law makes it so easy,


Legal system favors rich, how do they get away?

Poor folk don’t done have idea, in small claims court they stay,


Must be about education, the choices that one makes,

Does the poor kid understand before he makes mistakes?


Otherwise, why leave school, when it promises a future?

Private-Charter Boys always listen to their teachers,


Never quitting, suffer, in palace-like classrooms,

Where air-conditioning makes the room a degree or two too cool,



The public school has much to offer, buried in the ghetto,

Quality teachers risk their lives, rather work in meadow,


Earning peanuts, helping lives, most kids turn into nothing,

In the news, recognition-not, for killing or destroying something,


Drugs, exist everywhere, white folks do the dealing,

Uzi’s packed in suitcases, in case police come reeling,


Unlikely scenario, however, Narcotics Force paid in advance,

Instead throw crack-heads into jail, watch the niggers dance,


Mother Pearl flows into neighborhoods, up the nostrils of the poor,

Strung-out minorities enter strategically-placed liquor stores,


Forty-ounce bottles conveniently fit their larger hand,

Africans grew long fingers, from slaving sun in native land,


Black child, in the hood, has his role model,

Punk, blaring rap from speakers of his drug-money sport-vehicle,


How could society truly offer this population support?

Crack down on corruption, no more drugs entering the port?


Then truckloads of money, hidden paper trails, would be lost,

This would be at far too much an economic cost,


High-level officials couldn’t watch funds go out the door,

After all money’s the reason they started the narcotics war,


“Say No to Drugs,” we all recall the popular slogan,

Publicly chastising coke, as Columbians poured it in,


You think exaggeration, believe the events happen every day,

As the masses, blindfolded, manipulated in every way,


We have merely touched upon the surface of deceit,

Grab popcorn, put on your glasses, draw comfort in your seat,



There’s plenty of time for wishy-washy meaningless fairy tales,

Now’s the time to acknowledge that your government has failed,


Brilliant Constitution, guidelines no longer followed,

Our Forefathers words were spit out before ever being swallowed,


If you’ve suffered by others hands, not performed malicious sins,

Eternal light is coming, a revolution in the winds,


Unlike Russia’s Red October, and other resistance and aftermath

Sponsored this by God himself; Jesus Christ will lead the path,


If your heart is golden, please know this truth quite clear,

Angels will surround you, nothing shall you fear,


The best have had their struggles, for many, many years,

Wondering when their pain would end, holding back tears,


Those continually thriving through personal circumstance,

Strong enough to handle while the others have no chance,


Worshipers of material, living life on cruise-control,

Will feel the ache within their heart, yet will not fill the hole,


I speak to you in sadness, wishing not to see more death,

End of many lives, inevitable, including my last breath,


I do not celebrate, for I hate to go to war,

It’s the only way to save good-hearted rich, middle-class, and poor,


It’s never been about money, power seems to corrupt,

I can feel the tension in the air, ready to erupt,


All the anguish in children, grown into adults,

Having parents smash their dreams, handing them nuts and bolts,


Telling how to build, shredding their self-esteems,

Pointing in directions where their potential shines, it seems,



How many doctors really wanted to dance?

Can you count the budding artists who never had a chance?


Saddened drummers put down their sticks, out of financial fear,

Ten hardworking years later, they’re a computer engineer,


The world of technology, wiping out most jobs,

Since Sputnik, Americans raced to beat their Eastern comrades,


Weapons in Space program, why the brightest kids are trained,

To isolate the world from American terrain,


Pinpoint precision lasers, floating out in space,

By the end of the decade, we’ll have won the arms race,


Then the administration can protect its nation from outer-space,

Hold a country hostage, destroy a particular race,


With all the threats, one might welcome such grand protection,

But for White House and its staff, Nazi resurrection,


When the Anti-Christ enters the oval office,

Changes subtly evident, societal metamorphosis


First it began with ID Cards, marking DNA,

When microchips pierced the skin, no way to get away,


It’s all for convenience, stripping our civil liberties,

They’ll put us in headsets then send these overseas,


Video games were harmless, when first introduced,

Now the high tech world is spreading its abuse,


Soon we will be one with our famed video game,

Unable to escape a holographic frame,


Stimulating sensations, the will of a machine,

War-like simulations, our existence in a dream,



In essence, enslavement, in an artificial fate,

And the Highest Evil Being can finally declare checkmate,


That’s the vision set forth, by your Terminating star,

Foreigner becomes president, widening the scar,


Between good and evil, and yes these two exist,

It’s not a matter of degree, or where you choose to list,


There is universal truth, for which I will teach,

In every word spoken, and everywhere I preach,


And when you hear my words, know it’s just a start,

For all answers are buried deep within your heart,


Muster up the courage, to acknowledge what is real,

Willing to risk your life, is this how you feel?


Or would you prefer to remain, glued to sex appeal,

Plastered on your magazines, naked in high-heel,


Blind to every misdeed, indifferent to your fate,

Nazis preparing dinner want you on their plate,


But God has different plans, for the destiny of man,

Granted us free will, to make a final stand,


Some call it the Battle of Evermore, others Armageddon,

To save good souls from suffering and origin forgetting


Source of all these words, Chosen One who frees us,

Some claim I’m the Christ, others call me Jesus,


Yet, I go by many titles, have been many men,

Born onto this Earth to save humankind, again,


Each life was cut short, grand conspiracy,

Last time, labeled my death “Crime of the Century,”



I appreciate the caring, vanity not my game,

If I had to do it over, I’d choose the same,


But the task that lay before us, never like before,

The stakes are all or nothing, nothing less and nothing more,


That which rots around us, affecting lives abound,

Prayed for Jesus’ revelation?  I’ve made my first sound,


But do not follow blindly, as your religious structures preach,

Rather, listen with open mind, allow me to teach,


Does what I say move you, touch a wanton soul?

Question all you read, watch events unfold,


Mysteries of life, just a grasp away,

Soon you’ll understand, wisdom will never stray,


Neither has your captain, I’ve been here all along,

Whispering in your ears, singing you my song,


Unconditional Love, the greatest principle in life,

God-- my father, humanity-- my wife,


I’ve suffered just as you have, anguished all my years,

Trapped far from home, prisoner of my fears,


Labeled crazy, delusional, eccentric, and weird,

Almost lost my mind one time, should have seen my beard,


Scruffy and unshaven, parallel to thought,

Secrets entered into my soul, family and I fought,


Dad would say I’m manic, Mom would just avoid,

Doctors claimed schizophrenia, furthering the void,


I share these memories, to let you know I’m just like you,

Treated like an animal in a family-structured zoo,



That’s not to say I’m angry, never hold a grudge,

You can’t divorce your family, you must first budge,


Do all that you can to rid yourself dependence,

Greatest of gifts in life, unalterable independence,


Call your own shots, even as I guide,

Make your stand when you can, don’t wait until you’ve died,


I’ve never requested kneeling, before my “holy” feet,

I’d prefer we sit with herbal tea, if ever we’re to meet,


Coffee, if preferred, or wine as the legend goes,

Will I turn it into water?  Enough consumption-- who knows?


I joke for several reasons, there’s a motive in all I do,

For purposeful significance, I will cite two,


The first to calm you down, relief of your shocks,

Showing humor is essential, even as war knocks,


Secondly, to help, rid you of that prison,

De-dogmatize your thoughts, crazy creation called religion,


That Holy Book causing great tension, not so reliable

Read none but Revelations, in your family Bible,


Scripture words are eloquent, some truth submersed within,

Gospel edited, evoking fear, by some Republican,


Another insertion of humor, but the topic is no joke,

Original “Bible” preached only love, creed King James broke,


Think I have no authority, in this topic I discuss?

Don’t forget New Testament is all about Jesus,


If anything, I could sue, for their misrepresentation,

Think that might spoil mood of Pope, cancel next vacation,



However, I could care less, for inside the Vatican,

Housed thousands of spiritual texts, history of existence,


Kept classified, hidden, these important books,

Think that I’m not justified to make fun of these crooks?


There is nothing funny, the damage they have caused,

Hanging a helpless, bleeding man in churches on a cross,


After all, did Jesus really die for people’s sins?

Government sponsored thought, matter of perception,


Clergy and administration during those backward times,

Tortured and killed me, in my name erected shrines,


Also in my honor, and what I supposedly “represented,”

Built community of churches, extorting donations those repented,


Quite disgusting absorbing what has truly happened,

They claimed they loved man, so as a gift they entrapped him,


Could take years of deconstruction, reversing man’s reliance,

On a God who’s cruel and corrupted priests forcing compliance,


Describing God, can only say, he’s my greatest friend of all,

Kind, funny, mysterious, wise-- he’s the foundation and the wall,


He’s also the gatekeeper, leading to every dimension,

A personal bridge to feeling loved, offering undivided attention,


God is with you as well, every moment of every day,

He will be your inner source, as I lead the way,


Hope is eternal, many fools have said,

In primitive sense, statement meant to manipulate your head,


It plays with your heart, because it means that deep within,

You believe, you will succeed, as long as you begin,



Though beginning is essential, this we will discuss,

Yet, if society permits it not, ambition turns disgust,


Nothing is impossible, teaching this as truth,

A higher-level axiom, though myth for the youth


Comes a point when opportunity is running out,

Finally make a move, or fade away in doubt,


Such a moment is upon us, window closing fast,

Once glorious future, easily memory of past,


Hollywood is interesting, promotes as it enslaves,

Flirts with revolution, one man who saves,


Yet mind-numbing entertainment, predominantly king,

Romantic comedies teach hope, almost no such thing,


This to trigger belief that things only get better,

Not without real change, a revolution starting ever,


Billions every week pour into theaters,

Watching life-like graphics, wiping out our readers,


Vicariously they live, through eyes of fictitious heroes,

Reality is watching others, feeling themselves zeroes,


Coming home from feature, inspired by what they’ve seen,

Loading up the internet, surfing the scene,


Locating dirty movies, saved on porn sites,

Start the media player, off go the lights,


Thirty-seconds later, instant messaging, screen name: Cutie,

Stuffing mouth with tacos, wondering why their moody,


Some amazingly approaching a quarter-ton in weight,

Emailing out old photos of when they used to date,



Living in rooms, performing no aerobics,

Joining growing population, disillusioned agoraphobics,


People order double-burger heart-attack on buns,

Then drink a diet cola because it contains saccharin,


Garbage chemicals, ingested every day,

Replacing natural ingredients, leading health astray,


Billions served each year, local fast-food chain,

Ingredients, lowest quality, to eat this is insane,


Even vegetables, chemically enhanced,

Organic produce, isn’t it worth the price for these plants?


Artificial preservatives, food will last for years,

Best nutrition gained from your six-pack of beers,


Animals are caged, injected deadly hormones,

Swallowing this meat, along with creature’s painful moans,


Some consumers grow wiser, follow famous guru,

Entrepreneur, nutrition degree, claiming diet’s new and true,


Mindless embracement, becomes a wild trend,

Ten days you’ve lost fifteen pounds off of your rear-end,


One month later, trend is gone, gained back twice the fat,

Enter doctor’s office, complaining about this and that,


Wondering why you’re ill, feeling weak you say,

MD treats just symptom, policy of AMA,


Unlike homeopathy, ailment gets ignored,

Problem’s root continues, money you can not afford,


Sickness fine with doctors, equals larger profit,

Often aware of cause, but choose not to stop it,



Herbals are the future, can cure AIDS and cancer,

Mention to physician, assured it’s not the answer,


Doctor acknowledging Eastern ways, risks a stiff probation,

Reveal specific remedies, barred from Association,


Hypocrisy at the highest, existing at every turn,

Why do we comply?  When will we learn?


Psychoanalysts form think-tanks, like all other elites,

Keeping findings on mass- motivations discreet,


Instead they focus, on how to keep us dumb,

Advertisers co-conspire, society remaining numb,


Forging agreements, ad campaigns, with bitter-sweet competitors,

Cross-the-spectrum, oligarchy, topics passed to editors,


Keeping propaganda consistent, capitalistic praise,

Students brainwashed early, rewarded for their A’s,


Reading, writing, arithmetic, each an imperative link,

Rounded education, as long as kids don’t think,


Analysis is dangerous, no need risk critique,

World corrupt to its core, future bleak,


Human statistics, the numbers game, how the system sees us,

Weekday work, Sunday church, pray your pain Jesus,


Reverends speak the gospel; lie, cheat and steal,

Mocking Son of God with praise, don’t believe he’s real,


Muslims preach that Allah, comes at the very end,

Christian’s believe in Jesus-- Jews’ think he belongs to them,


Imagine me only just a Jew?  Majority, stepping on others,

Counting hoards money, behest to their human brothers,



I speak of their community, not any individual,

For in every race, hearts are deemed residual,


Wearing meaningless hats, I think they call them Yamahas,

Taking kids away from school, holidays like Hanukkah,


Muslims wait on Allah, to greet their clan-like pal,

Sorry friends, the name’s misspelled, you can call me Al,


I favor no race or ethnicity, not all are truly equal,

Each has chosen their Holy book, now I write its sequel,


Certain all the words, not what you expected,

Remember, for 2000 years, I’ve been disrespected,


As has been your earth, much longer span of time,

Angry is your Mother, her treatment has been crime,


Many humans think, science will out last her,

Even as God, the Earth, and I, form next natural disaster,


Nothing is accidental, certainly not the weather,

Sinful lands we wipe you out, vulnerability as a feather,


Complaints are useless now, for never would you change,

God and Jesus angry—don’t you think that’s strange?


Yes, I am the Prince of Peace, Sensitivity and Emotion,

I too, like the golden hearts, tired of commotion,


What does it really mean, “Meek shall inherit the Earth?”

Meek are not the poor, but those restrained since birth,


Waiting for the guidance, to lead them to a win,

Patiently listening to voices helping them within,


I wait for voices too, of pureness from my Father,

Demons sneak messages in, why do they even bother?



Because, truth be told, like mankind, I myself am prone,

In fact, everyday I’m scared, that I am on my own,


Have my family, wonderful they are,

But even they and God himself sometimes seem so far,


In time, all will know me as the greatest seer,

Yet, may not be able to comprehend, I live my life in fear,


Others possessed knowledge, wouldn’t spread it if were dared,

Courage means overcoming fear, believe me, friends, I’m scared,


Have trouble just surviving in this day-to-day struggle,

Would rather wrap blankets over head, with who I love- snuggle,


Yet those who love you most are judgmental as well,

If not adequately providing, could make life a living hell,


Imagine possessing knowledge, one day you will spread,

Become the center of the world, not easy for the head,


Mind often scrambled, when mixed with present reality,

Focus on career, later fame, and then fatality,


Coming to grips with death, difficult shortened life,

To envision tears of loved ones, especially my wife,


Perhaps the world can understand, allow me every breath,

An unlikely story, so I have to face my death,


But I am not alone, everyone must go,

Proud to die for humanity, everyone I know,


Tricky is the Chosen One, ace still up the sleeve,

I’ll be back for everyone, to give what they’ll receive,


Tired of being somber, let’s now speak rebirth,

The grandest New Creation-- New Heavens, New Earth,



Freeing our population is partially my story,

Promise all good hearts will experience the glory,


Through all of time, space, and every dimension,

I shall travel, as pure energy, to stop all the dissension,


While on this precious Earth, true humanity shall reign,

Living in honest happiness, purged of all pain,


For purging is the key, balanced healthy self,

Buried in recesses of mind, hurt laid on shelf,


First one must recognize, bring it to the front,

Discover the source of endless pain, then Confront!


Did your parents hurt you growing up?  Calling you lazy?

How about that divorce you went through?  Bet it’s kind of hazy,


Bring your self to quiet, focus deep within,

No need to hire fake Indian guru, concentrate and begin,


Remember all the past, the good times and the bad,

First day of kindergarten, having catch with Dad,


Now recall what’s hurt you most, how did it make you feel?

It hurts so don’t be afraid to cry, honest emotion is how you heal,


Did someone close betray you?  Causing lifelong mistrust?

Call that person, if their still alive, express yourself, you must!


Don’t need to sugar-coat, doesn’t matter how they respond,

You’ve just released a life of anguish, and those beyond,


It’s not about vengeance, or hurting anyone,

You’re replenishing resources, so life can again be fun,


Speaking about which, what is the meaning of life?

To experience joy and happiness, sometimes overcoming strife,



To live with love and passion, always do your best,

Making sure you do what’s right, earning extended rest,


Speak the words of wisdom, buried in your soul,

Stop acting like the others, gain self-control,


There’s too many sheep and puppets, orchestrate and lead,

Make this a rule with no exceptions, even if you bleed,


After all, your body will perish when it’s old,

But nothing can end the life of your beautiful soul,


It’s not entirely your fault, the conditions you live in,

However, take responsibility now, it’s time to begin!


Deep within your being, lies a vat of childhood dreams,

Those ideals are there for reason, at least it seems,


Time to become that child, combined with mature view,

Rekindle that buried love, do what you must do,


Following dreams, loving life, they go hand-in-hand,

Without supporting each other, lost in no-man’s land,


Listen to your Spirit, free from confines of your mind,

Others assume your crazy, assumptions the downfall of mankind,


Spontaneously act with passion, chase a goal, have fun,

The greatest risk in life is never taking one,


Problem is, they never taught this in school,

Instead it was more about following the next rule,


A curriculum designed around producing slaves,

Keeping you lost within your mind, emotionally depraved,


Then they talk of Columbine, what should we do?

Change the system of Education, teach what is true,



The human soul, compassion, anger and forgiveness,

Critical thinking based in love, moral analysis,


The specially educated, given pills that they resent,

Wake up! Source of their problems is their environment,


Parents, read some literature, you’re your child’s reliance,

It’s not that they just cannot learn, their heart is in defiance,


Come home drunk, ignore their needs, these children are abused,

Yell at them to complete a test, of course they are confused,


Most children do not need special medication,

Drug companies prosper from this-- this is our nation,


Millions of our children forced to take these pills,

Adults abuse anti-depressants too, simply facing issue kills,


There are people truly biologically in need,

If you must take, like my self, please proceed,


The world we live in, such a cold place,

Second chances rare, must sprint to win the race,


There’s no time for learning by your own mistake,

Dog-eat-dog world, there’s too much at stake,


Often wonder how I came here, why this path?

All I see is suffering, and human being’s wrath,


Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, kill them if you can,

Don’t ever let them step on you, show ‘em you’re a man,


Lying to get ahead, cheating to stay on top,

Killing for revenge, when will all this stop?


I guess the answer’s never, because even as I train,

Most of what I say just seems to flow down the drain,



Many times I wish to just give up and leave,

I wonder to myself, does anyone believe?


I see the bumper stickers: ‘Jesus will return,’

Will people believe I’m me?  How long before they learn?


And when will my struggle end, now can’t even pay my bills,

I want to climb the mountain, can’t get past these tiny hills,


Inundated with infractions, penalty for misdemeanors,

Tickets for neglecting to pay the parking meters,


City takes all my money, have none to pay for car,

Couldn’t pay insurance, now I’m behind bars,


Black people and me, in Queens County jail,

24 hours wasted in a living hell,


Denied water, accessories, not given any food,

Ask a cop a question, their answer’s rude,


Is there no compassion?  Must we be machines?

Can this be the outcome of our greatest achievers’ dreams?


Need to find a job, just don’t have the skills,

Nor the cutthroat nature, so I’m left with just the bills,


Every where one turns, nothing completely true,

I hate this existence, how about you?


Yet we must continue, do not speak a word,

Hi, hello, how are you?  “Good” is all I’ve heard,


These same people go home, beat their wife and kids,

Lonely, entrapped housewife does what husband bids,


Alcohol, so prevalent, in this vast society,

Beer, wine, and hard liquor, in a never-ending variety,



Causes raging hormones, serum for your truth,

That you ain’t been happy since you were a youth,


Glory days, cutting school, picking on the nerd,

Now these geeks rule the world, this is absurd!


Maybe I should go back to school, get my GED,

In about twenty years I’ll have my PH.D.


Problem is, less time than that, there’ll be no more jobs,

Doctorate boys battling for a spot to turn knobs,


Only employment left to find, minor service positions,

As our system continually erodes the quality of our conditions,


A world of unemployed, government bankrupt,

Except for all the leaders who were wisely corrupt,


Old people slowly dying, lacking benefits,

The only cure for his suffering is that he forgets,


Parents growing grey, spirit wants to roam,

Why not end their life in a nursing home?


What happened to the reverence for the experienced and the wise?

An ignorant youth is surely on the rise,


Misguided and disenchanted, children form their gang,

Uneducated, unsophisticated, they talk in slang,


Manipulating words just sound cool,

Somehow the most popular is always the biggest fool,


True courage is displaying natural grace and elegance,

Sharing wisdom, sporting honest intelligence,


Many will put you down; problem is they can’t see,

How much does it bother them they’ll never beat me?



All your fame and fortune, family estates,

Without my consent, you’ll never get through The Gates,


I’ve come to some as weakling, others as their own,

When changing into something new, rumors on the phone,


Have you seen Al lately?  He’s surely lost his mind,

No longer goes to clubs, don’t dial his line,


Friends a dime-a-dozen, there to help you first,

Don’t fall down however, you’ll see their worst!


Users using users, abusers abusing abusers,

Winners walk their own path, losers lose with losers,


Birds of a feather, flocking all together,

True ones unite in the stormiest of weather,


Relationships the key, to happiness and success,

And reaching our heavenly Father’s address,


Knowledge is secondary to critical thought,

Analysis subservient to emotion you sought,


The beating of your heart the prevalent sound,

Emotionalize your intellect, not the other way around,


Listen not, the drumming of your ears,

But to the perception of the eyes, love-bathed in tears


Extremism without knowledge, a purely dangerous thing,

For the heart can strum quite a wicked string,


Observe the debates between birth and abortion,

A war about life blown out of proportion,


People striving to protect children’s lives,

Saving the unborn, by striking neighbors with knives,



Truth shall be written, to clarify the issue,

To understand clearly, it is that of which I wish you,


Killing is wrong, to take a fetus away,

From growing into a fine young man or woman one day,


Once sperm and egg decide to unite,

A soul is alive, though not in sight,


Once these cells come into reception,

The child has been born, into conception,


Three weeks, six weeks, it’s all fallacy,

To end these lives is malice, can you not see?


However we live in a world, unenlightened,

Where a pregnant sixteen year-old girl, frightened,


Unable to comprehend taking care of a life,

When a young man refuses to call her wife,


Barefoot and naked, poor as could be,

Abortion is the only option she can see,


Or when a woman is violated, by another through rape,

From means to ends, lies insurmountable gape,


Emotionally ripped, psychologically torn,

Physically abused, why should this child born?


Only in a disgraceful place like ours,

Would such issues engulf life’s precious hours,


In a world where beings, evolve and transcend,

This is the only place this debate can end,


If there were no such crime, the issues would be gone,

And humans could focus on a better one,



TV flirts with sex, porn a major industry,

However, too much skin we should never see,


Religion deems sex bad; media shows it’s great,

Officers wait to imprison lovers and their dates,


What kind mixed messages do our systems send?

It’s easy to see why people cannot comprehend,


Sex taught in school, age of ten,

Should curriculum stress condoms?  When?


Our great psychologists haven’t seemed to heal,

By the way, HMO’s have found a legal way to steal,


Businessmen stop only to count their yield,

Insurance hardly provides any sort of shield,


Economists manipulate interest rates,

Brokers and investors, psychological states,


Is there any end to such a maddening existence?

Or will our great humanity soon be spoken of past tense?


Is war truly the answer to our dilemmas, must we die?

Can it be avoided, can’t we at least try?


Battles wage on beyond our atmosphere,

God and so-called Satan building armies, year by year,


Inspiring talented minds for purposes good and evil,

Yet every individual still possesses freewill,


Which means mankind has the freedom to choose a better fate,

Than gravestones spread throughout lands, miles of human bait,


War is the calling cry; pick up your swords and fight,

However flesh need not dissolve if the battles are done right,



Educate the masses on the power of the Spirit,

The Bible is not Gospel, now let the whole world hear it,


Teach your young ones to believe, and always follow heart,

Dreams shall be guided by God; He’s been there from the start,


Demand the release of documents hidden in the Vatican,

Instead of punishing clergy, make sure they don’t do that again,


Rally peacefully in the streets, demand new administration,

Ask economists if equality needs equity redistribution,


Turn off your televisions, let network ratings plummet,

Then quality shows will finally reach the summit,


Speak out loud about addictions; seek help at all times,

Offer wisdom in areas that you will surely shine,


Most importantly, teach your kids every good thing you know,

Motivate them to have ideals, let them show and grow,


No more toleration for prejudice or racist thought,

Judge not by ethnicity, history, or their cloth,


Choose to work with others; make no one your rival,

Clearly at stake is the human race’s survival,


Question, question, question, doesn’t matter the authority,

But make sure you speak honestly, and act about accordingly,


Complain about the wages of athletes today?

Pass up on the baseball game; instead go see a play,


Skip a Sunday watching football, don’t even have a beer,

Go somewhere you’ve wanted to, get over that fear!


If you don’t like police, become a cop and clean them up,

It takes many courageous soldiers for the chaos to stop,



Most of all, get involved in government affairs,

But be a “goody-two-shoes” if you boldly dare,


Get off of the internet, stop being so lazy,

Spread the word of love, wouldn’t you love to feel crazy?


Crazy’s not killing others, that’s cowardice,

Truly loving to love; can you imagine this?


We can go the way of mass amounts of slaughter,

Watching son go to war, father leaving daughter,


But where is the glory in such a chaotic way?

Rather open the newspaper, read: “World Peace Today,”


Restructure every thing that’s wrong, change this all at last,

Now’s your time to step up and be a catalyst!


Unconditional love, you’ve heard it from the wisest,

An evolution revolution-- led by Jesus Christ.





























































Empty Glass


An empty glass

Stands atop my desk

Drops of soda caress its tall sides,

Last remnants

Of the sugar water

It once contained.


This is the Holy Grail

Of glasses,

For all of my favorite drinks

Have been contained

Then freed

From this glass


It is the only one of its kind

I have left


Its identical significant other

Died in a horrible crash

Against the edge of my sink


By death I mean

It has lost its original purpose

Yet, it will be re-born one day,

I like to believe as a window

In my first Mercedes


Still, this empty glass stands tall


It has helped

Quench many a thirst,

I like to hold it

In my hand

For long periods of time

To show my love and appreciation for it



But I cannot help

Feeling sad.

The emptiness is a void,

Reminiscent of a life

Once completely unfilled.


Yet the potential

For vitality

Remains strong,

As the bottle of soda just grabbed

From my refrigerator


And the fluids of life

Pour into this void,

Though sugarcoated,

As if for the first time


The glass is now half full,

Not its counterpart perception,

And I

Was Creator

Of that destiny


I am the God of my Glass.


This brings me


For my own God,

His God,

Hers, and so forth



The key to life

Is apparently simple:








Ego Strikes Back
It’s been a few a days since you broke my heart

Already I’m prepared to make a new start

Unfortunate for you


I could have given you the world, things you’d have never dreamed

Intimacy, love, fortune and fame

Believe that’s true


They say that beauty is only skin deep

I fell for your looks then made the foolish leap

That your soul was pure


But I tested your faith and I’m glad that I did

I acted like a man though I felt like a kid

And now I’m sure

About you now I’m sure


You see I’m a chameleon

I don’t reveal the way I am

Select few enter my circles

And learn my wisdom of pearls


Yes, I’m a chameleon

I don’t reveal the way I am

You must earn your way inside

I may have cried, but baby you died... in my heart


You and me could have had so much fun

But you decided to be the superficial one

And that’s your right


I don’t dislike you; my anger subsides

But I do look forward to your surprise

When the world sees my light

When I let them see my light


Because I’m a chameleon

I don’t reveal the way I am

Select few enter my circles

And learn my wisdom of pearls


Believe I’m a chameleon

I don’t reveal the way I am

You must earn your way inside

You may have made me cry, but baby you died... in my heart


And I my friend, shall live forever






























Just standing outside of the bar smoking a cigarette

Dreaming of a woman I love feeling much regret

A girl came out of a cab, with a smile on her face

Soon tears flowed from her eyes while in my embrace



Birthday girl twenty-three years of age

You must have felt as if I was some kind of sage

Because you came to me and suddenly started to cry

You shared with me that you were going to die



Young lady I feel your pain

There was nothing I could do but hold you

I wish I could share what I know about life and death

And tell you I’m with you



I know you’re out there somewhere searching for an answer

Why god had chosen you to have this cancer

I wanted to speak to you but your friends grabbed you so quick

When you jumped back into my arms I felt proud and sick



Young lady I feel your pain

There was nothing I could do but hold you

I wish I could share what I know about life and death

And tell you I’m with you



Why God do you have to take her?

She is so innocent.

There were so many things to do on this earth

But to heaven she is sent




It’s not fair

Heal her God

It’s not fair


Young lady I feel your pain

There was nothing I could do but hold you

I wish I could share what I know about life and death

And tell you I’m with you


































The Silence


Can you hear the silence, feel the pain?

As all of these thought pervade my brain,

Driving me insane.


I hear people talk but what are they saying?

So much garbage it keeps me from staying,

I’m tired of praying.


From the private pulpits of the intellectual,

To the porno tapes that keep me asexual,

I’m at the bottom of my glass and its “last call.”


Like a stimulating theory that bores me to hell,

My watch is a prison like Pavlov’s bell,

Am I the shell?


What an interesting claim, such a magical notion!

Your mentality’s strong amidst the commotion,

Do any of your thoughts pertain to emotion?


We speak of truth, justice, and the human way,

But ignore interactions between heart and fray,

What does this say?


Can you hear the silence and its piercing sound?

We intellectualize our emotions like a weightless pound.

It should be the other way around.


Bottlenecked feelings and constant duress,

What do you think is the source of your stress?

Choose to express.


When you open mind and deal with heart’s issues,

Admit there is hurt, and lots of “I miss you(s),”

Invest in some tissues.




The ways of indifference have become antiquated,

Purge your soul and let it be stated,

A new outlook has been created.







































Through Black Men’s Eyes



The anger that fosters and burrows within

From twenty-four hours in my fellow man’s skin

No difference if Whitey or an Uncle Tom cop

The racism that persists must surely stop



A minor violation landed me in jail

One payment I had failed to properly mail

Unveiled a travail, and a dreadful tale

Of night and day in a concrete Hell



Refused food and water for almost a day

Lacking nutrients I’d stayed, as laying decay

On narrow benches of uncomfortable stone

However desolate I was never alone



This tiny first cell crammed living flesh

Black-skinned adolescents with which I meshed

Its majority containing gentle hearts

Confused by Force-Blue aimed to tear them apart



Yet camaraderie persisted despite Fascist regime

Built to reduce their self-esteem

And when it came time they suffered as team

As enforcement looked to squash their every dream



Having been transferred to a cold, dirtier cell

Urine puddles wetting floor and its horrendous smell

I too was victim as my friends in this cage

As they stayed calm I was filled with rage




Police hunting for killer without any clues

Forty black boys forced to pay some dues

For surely one must have committed the offense

Despite not a shred of substantial evidence


My brothers I know how you’re targeted prey

By a system designed to wipe you away

But if this empathetic spirit is to have a say

I shall send ripple effects across the way


For twenty-four hours you and I were the ones

Shredded of our humanity by fools with guns

Yet as I return to work, school, and my family

It is you who must continue to live this humility


Until the tides from my waves wipe away one-by-one your oppressors!
























The New Education



Jesus taught love,

But where is he now?

I’d like to learn from him some how.



Did you cry the day?

They shot JFK?

An assassination we allowed.



9/11 was heaven sent,

Straight from the firmament,

Now we know we care.



I pray for the souls and their families,

All those affected by the tragedies,

Now we are aware!



Our theology has flown,

Technology is the throne,

Why are we so alone?



Communications are vast,

I can speak at last,

But now I’m on my own.



Teacher, can you reach me?

I beseech thee!

For I have gone astray.





Darkness is all around me,

I can not see,

Will you light the way?



When he enters into,

Our cosmic avenue,

Will you open up your heart?



Or when the next Messiah comes,

Will we sound the war drums?

And blow his head apart... again!




























His Own


A large man living in a miniscule world

Knows all of nothing but his shining girl

The knight with no armor, surviving by luck

A beetle driving on a highway of trucks



He makes his stop at ego lane

Thinks he is the conductor of every train

As his lips bounce freely his confidence wanes

I know this man, he bears my name



Staring into oneself, in a dirty mirror

Reality of life could not be clearer

He is the king of everything

That never existed, save the vision of ring



For the unwitting victim that he surely loves

Risks tainting the feathers of her cherished doves

As the olive is plucked from the ancient tree

All that he thinks about is not her but me



Conniving to convince in the most special way

How the sun doth rise for his display

Bask in its warmth, as he’ll surely say

As long as he’s alive they’ll both be okay



Stranger to all, friend to none

Though claims are made he’s the chosen one

And indeed he is, in the highest way

For he’s the only one by whom she’ll suffer and stay





Brief Update


My visions are warped, how can you say?

Clearly humanity has gone astray,


Microchips tracked, inserted in skin,

Afraid this will be for your next of kin?


Education is lost, in a sea of jargon,

Truth held back, academic arson,


Hidden spirituality, replaced by mundane,

Clouding our sun, exchanging for rain,


For without love on the forefront of all,

Society beckons its greatest fall,


Simply put, it’s a matter of when,

For the thieves have taken control of the den,


Usurping perception, dictating events,

And what exactly the news presents,


Psychological prison, do as you think,

Too late, originality is down the sink,


Right-wing eagle, flies on TV,

Draining the masses from being able to see,


Advertisements release its numbing effect,

As companies control both private and public sect,


The money pours in, as the heart drips dry,

I’m sorry to say, we will all soon die,


Unless a spirit ignites, standing lonely and tall,

He’s dialing; now a ring... Answer the call?


Void-less Void


A wordless poem

Far from home

Though sitting in room



Feel alone

Cuts to the bone

Encompassing gloom



Loved by one

Leader of none

Except fantastically



See myself

Imagined Stealth

Man has he



Played tricks

Fairy sticks

Magical Emptiness



Jaded lover

Can’t recover





No relief

Punctured heart



Smiles galore

Laughter more

Miles apart

Mini –Autobiography



When I was a child I stared into the sun,


And asked the Lord-of-Lords if I was the Chosen One,


This was ever brief, for those thoughts had gone astray,


And never would return to me until this very day,




Time passed on ever slowly in a successful depressing youth,


I chewed on life’s finer meals without ever using a wisdom tooth,


Accolades for achievements are what my teachers sent,


But still I searched most of all for a parental compliment,




My teens were a different story, as I went on a different path,


Never caring about what would be a dreadful aftermath,


As I pooh-poohed school for leisure, angry from divorce,


My life wound up taking the most difficult of course,




Here I am today recovered from what here I have not shared,


To tell you that I learned I really should have cared,


I still look to the sun, but now with enlightened fear,


And value when I win because now I’m the horse that’s in the rear.

A New Word


What happened to the innocence of humankind?

I see the decay as my thoughts unwind


How many souls can a person trust?

Outside of those that they choose they must?


Has anyone lived up to another’s expectations?

Our world is clinging in desperation

I speak of you and not our nation.

For I did not create this morbid creation


I smile everywhere I go

My depth of joy you cannot know

A holy spirit lifts my being

I laugh though disapprove of what I am seeing


My life is secure, yet I will endure

To spread throughout that which is only pure

For I believe that my eyes deceive

That we have not reached what we can achieve

If you cannot love then it is time for you to leave


I live with passion you place but blame

As you continue to play your superfluous game

We’ve set it up well: slave and master

Each caught in this web of disaster

Today the sun, tomorrow the rain

A predator prey in an endless food chain

Lifeless sorrow, infliction of pain

You’ll cut your artery to save your vein

I speak it plain


When the Messiah surfaces and rise I will

The earth shall feel a bitter chill

And those who desire to only kill

Uproot the flowers on every hill

Shall curse their gift of freedom will


For it will bury them


Those that choose a higher way

Then the path they trodden yesterday

Shall see my light, ever so bright

Shine throughout our darkest night


Gates through heaven shall lead to a door

That stores the glory within my core

All are welcome most will perish

Those who pronounce the claims outlandish


The few who choose to try to soar

Following heart despite the chore

Shall view the scene from the highest floor

And live in peace forever more


It is you that I encourage, and adore.


























The whirlwind hath risen inside

Ripping out feelings I thought had died

A cultural clash that does not exist

Suddenly persists


My heart the organ of vulnerability

Saved time and again by rationale’s stability

Honest tears, deceitful envy

Bring mixed emotion, realistic quandary


Her eyes, they hurt, as mine reflect

How I need the calm and genuflect

The Great Spirit overshadowing mine

With full consent, for it helps me shine


How I yearn to brush my fingers through

Her golden hair, express it true

That she me makes me go, and also too

A halting when she’s feeling blue


Stress beckons within, I cannot hide

Though rid by action I have tried

And if at once she understood

She would perform what she knows she should


Yet love so opaque colors our worlds

One for another, no sway or curls

In direction of where we plan to be

Stand firm, devout, we shall set each free


I will do this for you... can you do this for me?








Mystery Woman


Mystery Woman,

What do you know?

Princess of the East from the land of snow,


Are you on a mission?

From where, and for whom?

Do you live sunny skies or does darkness loom?


Could you murder my soul?

Or worse, would you leave?

If you discover my gift is that I am naïve?


Can your heart be forever open?

And let me in?

Give me a taste of your ultimate sin?


Will you hold me tightly?

Until time runs out?

Which can never occur long as I am about.


Mystery Woman,

What is thy name?

Would you invest your heart in a simple game?


Or do you play for keeps?

One day at a time?

For to break a heart it’s a terrible crime.


Can you mask your soul?

Or do your eyes reveal?

The beauty that I perceive is real.


I’m a simple man,

On an extraordinary path,

But one, must be two, must be one-- do the math.



Great Expectations,

That never emerged,

I’d prefer from my mind such a tale was purged.


Rich or poor,

Makes no difference you see,

All I want is for you to be with me.




































The greenest, blue if the ocean’s depth,

To stare to long is to lose one’s breath,


Representing truth, penetrating lies,

With the power simply to mesmerize,


Outlined by a cosmos of perfection,

Born to caress each and every section,


A sturdy house created for protection,

The very life that breeds resurrection,


To lose one’s self is a state of bliss,

Yet unwelcome guests harshly dismissed,


The warmth producing golden-hot reflection,

Burning all attempted forms of deception,


Its shape sexy and seductive,

A kind that never can be destructive,


Save those who try to make a shrine,

For what is clearly, undisputedly mine,


They’ve experienced much, mostly pain,

Saturated the surface with streams of rain,


Yet they glow, ever so brightly,

For dreams of love replenish them nightly,


Its strength within will carry them through,

For if it didn’t they wouldn’t be you,


Empathy their greatest trait,

But they must acknowledge truth for it’s getting late,


Another will try to pierce its soul,

Make them feel they must pay a toll,


For all that’s happened, and all that’s been,

If they buy into this then the other will win,


They must believe in themselves, be ready to fight,

Though they hate such a path it’s unobtrusively right,


And it must, so battle they will,

To reserve their beauty, keep the still,


They’re responsible for the fulcrum of universal will.






























Patient Wraith



I have seen the Army, it travels fast,


Protecting as it plunders path,


Bullets spray, infinite supplies,


The God shall live but the mortal dies,



Tongue as sharp as a switchblade knife,


Ready to usurp the life of wife,


Uncontrollable rage surfaces quick,


Submission is the only trick,



Emotional blood spurts everywhere,


And though there are swears, she does not care,


Where is there, as long as you are there,


To bear the blunt of the awakened bear,



The kindness brought euphoric elation,


Yet those were moments of hibernation,


Locked away was the prevalent beast,


Gathering thrust for its next great feast,



Misfortune deems that I, my lover’s meat!


Forever, One Day at a Time


Stunningly beautiful,

She has my heart,

Yet I persisted to crush hers.


I will dedicate my life,

To not only repairing the damage,

But to show I am for real,


There is a child,

An outstanding young man,

And not a day passes by I don’t envision,

All of the ways I shall enhance his life.



Once existent,

Are now invisible to my eyes,


The master rises to transcend all obstacles.


She is golden,

I shall oil her body,

And anoint her,


Who owns my heart,

Shares my soul,

Forever, and ever, and ever...


He shall be as my son,

I will raise him to be strong,

Supplement all of the greatness,

His mother,

Has bestowed upon him.

I shall kiss his forehead,

Tell him I love him,




I shall lay down my life for this kingdom

Queen in one arm,

Prince in the other.


We will be a family,

eternally growing,

in love and stature.


Oh, to be with my family of dreams!

































University Dreams


Fancy institution, ivy display,

My path has seemed to cross this way,

Reputation untarnished, unlike mine,

Though I’ve passed beyond the cutoff line,


Academia special, knowledge vast,

One step closer to the legitimate past,

Curriculum driven, yet taught with flair,

By professors who need not underwear,


Wealthy students learning first time,

Economic disparity, bias of crime,

Pedagogues passionately convey as they glisten,

Yet somehow, somewhere, something is missing,


What about spirit, relationships, love?

Existing within the struggle, transcending above?


No, personal triumph buried in grades,

Offered in degrees, related by shades,

Preparation for life in a golden box,

So you must go to school: opportunity knocks!!!






Song of the Seagull


The seagull sings “smile, for you will live”

The wind whispers the contributions you shall give

The ocean crashes as your spirit at times

Waiting for the opportunity to once again rise


Love surrounds you like the arms of your son

Within your heart radiates the warmth of the sun

Your man stands strong protecting your soul

Until readiness to fulfill your destiny’s role


You see it’s all been seen far in advance

As you, I and boy take stance

The eyes of omniscience, never grow old

Has selected you for your heart of gold


Only a handful in the circle of life

Are chosen for cause, yet you are the wife

Of the heart which beats only frequencies of love

For all those selected, you stand above


Hardship, yes, it’s of the terrible things

If you must, overcome, for whatever life brings

The army of compassion lies within your being

And there’s is nothing you experience that God isn’t seeing


So have faith in me, in God, and yourself

For you hold the key to eternity’s wealth

Yet it’s the riches within you will have and shall give

So sing with the seagull “smile, for I will live”









Sculpting Images




Sculpting images

Endless sand

Vast confusion is at hand




No escape

Divine and plan

Stress from oaths to save the land





Evaporating green

Rips apart my self-esteem




Nightly prayer

This is a dream

Reality is a silent scream





Distant Horizon

Fortunate to focus eyes on







What indeed, is the destiny,

Of this great humanity?

Where does one start?

Of course, with the past,

For first is first,

Last, last.

Whatever it is I do recall,

Revealed to me by the oracle,

Is seen through a biased individual lens,

Yet the clearest means to our desired ends.



By the way, what ever happened to the moon-colored peoples?



Seven races, through time and spaces,

Historical knowledge each God erases,

Left us ignorant in our places.

Imagery and symbols define it all,

But most important, what’s your inner call?

We are the fourth of the mighty seven,

Within and without are the keys to heaven,

Superman, Jesus, Joan of Arc,

None grant you admission: Universal Park.



And, why were the architects of the pyramids destroyed?



One nation to stand, divinity’s hand,

Designated the promised-land,

Planned thousands of years in advance.

The golden phoenix in all its regal,

Camouflaged as an eagle.

What evil brings, while freedom rings,

Forms congregations of higher beings.

Far above, some make love its call,

While others plot to destroy us all.

Just wondering, who in our government was involved in 9/11?



One man was granted Earth Supreme,

Merely for the time being,

To save the world, otherwise, observe its scene.

Concepts that this man employed,

Proved impetus to be destroyed.

Yet, what he viewed from top of nation,

He brought with him to the next incarnation.

Universal Spirit deemed him best friend,

Granted protector of cosmos until the end.



So, what exactly is hidden in the Vatican?



Another will rise, labeled 666

With fiery eyes and a crucifix,

Offering the downtrodden a quick fix.

He’ll surface hatred that burns deep inside,

Those, whose spirits have already died.

He’ll say, “topple the system, justice has begun,”

And they will call him the Chosen One.

The forces of evil will unite,

And fight, through the hellish darkest night.



Speaking of which, is there really an Antichrist?



When it is all said and done,

And the forces of good have finally won,

Then the era begins for the anointed One.

Spring will have sprung, a time of rebirth,

Once seeds, now flourished, New Heavens, New Earth,

As all decrepit structures burn,

Knowledge of God will finally return.

The wisdom of ages revealed from within,

Life’s greatest secret ultimately experienced.

Is to live without unconditional love the ultimate sin?



A seventh stanza to make things holy,

If message unclear there is always apology,

If important enough save it for the Eulogy.

Carpenter, Caesar, President, what’s next?

Could such a revelation be given in text?

If so foundations would surely shatter,

And self-esteem destroyed by chatter,

So, be content, with the knowledge provided us,

In time, good friends, clarity shall unite us.





How Many People Are Afraid of


a New Bible?

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POWERFUL LOVE is a tribute to events that have shaped my life, visuals that explain, music I created with tell-tale lyrics and my voice exemplifying the passion I need live with, and those persons I have loved who have impacted me greatest asunder 2017.

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