This form is for submitting a request via email to a musical director of a particular radio outfit for them to implement and encourage the playing of all Universal Enzyme songs or if you have specific favorite Albert Kenneth Carrozza.  (This message will be sent to the musical director of a radio station that you should be transferred to upon pressing its submit. 

Please take the time to fill out the form with your name, your email address, check in the box ( mail is to radio / email is for universal enzyme to contact), write a short positive title (eg. Thank you)  and write a message to music director encouraging further promotion of Universal Enzyme by Albert Kenneth Carrozza; please keep it positive, polite, and even inspiring with feedback as to why you value the music.  Submit and then you will be sent to get free access to an awesome unique radio station with friendly staff with clean ecclectic tastes.

Most of all I appreciate YOU taking the time to message them. Its a win-win-win!